Exotic Energies and Technologies
Technologies for Generating, Transducing or Focusing Exotic Energies, aka Orgone,
Gravitonics, Gravity Wave Energy, Superlight or Etheric Energy

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This site has been created by Vinny Pinto, a mystic, spiritual teacher, spiritual healer and multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer. If you should wish, you may subscribe, as a public subscriber, to Vinny's public Facebook page or visit Vinny's Threads social media page or Bluesky Social page by using the buttons below:

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You have reached the homepage of a website intended to provide information in the realms of technologies which generate, transduce or focus exotic energies. With due consideration for issues of confidentiality regarding proprietary information owned by colleagues or by myself, this website offers information about such exotic energy technologies and their effects upon water, other liquids and upon humans and animals.

A Brief Guide and Directory
This website, which is a subdirectory on my Coherent Space website, was started in mid-August 2007. I hope, over time, to add to this Exotic Energies and Technologies site the following information, along with that which is already in place:
  • Some more information about some of the exotic energy devices with which I have worked since 1977, and about some of the technologies with which I am currently playing.
  • Hopefully, a bit more information about some of the exotic energy devices which some of my colleagues and acquaintances have been developing, but this may be limited as many of them are very cagey about allowing release of details of their work due to proprietary concerns.
  • Information about exotic energy devices which employ high voltage discharges, such as spark discharge, corona or plasma; this broad field includes numerous technologies, including the Correa devices (i.e., the pulsed abnormal glow reactor), Rife plasma healing devices, Tesla coil healing devices, the strange device created by Frenchman Antoine Priore, the Chukanov ball lightning generator, and many others.
  • Information about exotic energy devices which employ geometric shapes, including pyramids, cones, Lakhovsky-type antennas, tetrahedrons, and various spiral or conical coils. For an example of a set of exotic energy technologies which I have developed which employ shape technology along with exotic ores and which act as a generator and accumulator of aetheric energy, please see the Jenny Cell SubQuantum Aetheric Energy Receiver pages on the Etheric website.
  • Exotic energies emitted, focused or transduced by various types of crystals, gems and ores. For an example of a set of exotic energy technologies which I have developed which employ shape technology along with exotic ores, and which act as a generator and accumulator of aetheric energy, please see the Jenny Cell SubQuantum Aetheric Energy Receiver pages on the Etheric website.
  • Exotic energies generated and/or focused by special coils, including caduceus coils and Klein coils.
  • Exotic energies apparently created or transduced by some latter-generation electrochemical cold fusion cells.
  • Low-temperature transmutation, including biological transmutation by microbes.
  • I have long been interested in radiation hormesis and the ormus-like effects of ionizing radiation upon water and foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables,and also the uses of radioactive ore in aetheric energy chargers and other exotic energy devices. At this point, I have created a brief website offering a quick overview of this subject, plus a link to a list group devoted to this cluster of topics related to beneficial effects of ionizing radiation. 
  • Since at least the early 1950's there have existed several aetheric energy technologies -- primarily used in the early days for treating agricultural soil and for other ag purposes -- which employed aetheric energy batteries along with high-voltage corona (and/or spark) discharges. Perhaps the best known of these technologies is the aetheric energy agricultural electro-culture device, also known as an aetheric energy charging device, along with its aetheric energy acidless battery (aka acid-free battery), first introduced in the early 1950s in Utah by a mysterious gentleman named Al Sinclair. There still exist to this day at least five devices based upon this early esoteric aetheric energy technology, most of them in the hands of researchers in the Rocky Mountain and Southwestern regions of the USA. The best-known of these devices is a highly-modified and evolved version of the technology which was created by Danae Harding and Vernon Roth of Ancient Technologies (aka Ancient Tek) to treat water (referenced by many as sparky water) and other products for use as energetic ormus-rich nutritional supplements. Their aetheric energy charging device, which they sometimes call an AquaMega device, employs a Joe Cell-like aetheric energy battery as one of its components. For a brief history and background on this aetheric energy technology, along with a report on my lab tests of the spent liquid electrolyte (aka spent cell juice), you may wish to visit a set of pages on this topic which I have created on my Ormus-like website.
  • My observations and commentary on the exotic ultra-relativity and "gravity wave" (aka "gravitational wave") theories and devices developed by Dr. Shinichi Seike, a Japanese researcher who was a long-time Director of the Gravity Wave Laboratory in Japan, including his work with his "G Strain Energy Absorber", so-called Klein coils and transistor coils, and the followup work in this realm in the 1990s by Dr. Matsumoto and his graduate students.
  • My observations and commentary on the Karita magnetic exotic energy (aka x-magnetic field) devices and the related gravitonics and HEAT devices, including his patented "physical health tuning" magnetic appliance design, from Japanese university lecturer Masakazu Karita, partly based on the Gravitonics work of the now-deceased Dr. Hideo Seki (note: despite similar spelling of last names, Dr. Hideo Seki is not the same person as the earlier-mentioned Dr. Shinichi Seike, a Japanese researcher who was Director of the Gravity Wave Laboratory in Japan), whom Karita met in December 2000 (Karita also advises me that he has diligently studied Seki's various books and articles on the topic of Gravitonics as well.) 
  • Information on various modern orgone technologies, including latter-generation orgone-related "cloudbusters". On a related note  regarding orgone energy, please also see the sections here devoted to Joe Cell-like technologies.
  • Exotic energies generated by certain beneficial microbes, particularly by purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB), often referenced by Japanese researchers as wave resonance energy or gravitational wave energy.
  • I have been granted fully copyright permission by the relevant publishers to post on the website several articles from 1960s magazines about the exotic energy technologies for communications -- often called Hydronics (aka Hydronic Radiation) and Plasmonics -- developed by scientist/inventor Wallace Minto (aka Wally Minto) of Sarasota, Florida and his Hydronics Corp. in the 1960s and 1970s, and will upload copies of those articles as time permits. 
  • Since I own full copyrights to the article, I have posted a copy of a one-page invited article which I authored in the early 1980s on esoteric healing devices which employed exotic energies (primarily spark and corona discharges or plasma discharges), along with some notes on the article and the response that it received at the time, to a dedicated page on my Ormus-like website (click here). The article was published in the April 1981 issue of a (since-discontinued) journal called Technology Tomorrow published by the World Futures Society. For some odd reason, the article attracted quite a bit of attention at the time; I received phone calls and letters via postal mail (the web as we know it was not yet really in existence, and thus there was no Internet email...!) from all over the world as a result of this article; one infamous and now-deceased fringe-science researcher (Dr. Andrija Puharich) even threatened legal action against me unless I would reveal to him "...Tesla's lost secrets" (which, for some reason, he believed that I owned) and turn over to him my putative "...collection of Tesla's long lost papers" (sigh!) Overall, about one-half of the letters and calls which I received were from rather psychotic and delusional persons, while the other half were from serious researchers, some of whom became valued colleagues over the ensuing years.
  • My personal observations on the Joe Cell technologies and related technologies such as the Proton Cell. For an example of a set of exotic energy technologies which I have devloped which employ a related technology and which act as a generator and accumulator of aetheric energy, please see the Jenny Cell SubQuantum Aetheric Energy Receiver pages on my Etheric website.
Some Notes on the Term Exotic Energies
The term exotic energies, as used on this site, is a broad term which denotes any and all energies other than classical Hertzian electromagnetic energies. It is the author's belief that there likely exists at least ten rather different field phenomena which can be subsumed under the broad umbrella term "exotic energies", and the primary thing that these exotic energies have in common is that all of them exhibit remote field effects, but none of them is easily conceptualized by the rules, hypotheses and models extant in modern physics, and that none of them is easily detectable using the traditional instrumentation employed by the modern-day physical sciences. To help you form a better understanding of these energies or field effects, these various exotic energies have at times been known by any and all of the following names:
  • subquantum energy
  • zero-point energy
  • subtle energy
  • etheric energy or aetheric energy
  • non-classical radiation
  • non-Hertzian radiation
  • prana
  • chi, aka ki or qi
  • orgone energy 
  • gravity wave energy
  • gravitational wave energy
  • wave resonance
  • hydronic radiation
  • plasmonic radiation
  • x-magnetic field
  • graviton energy or gravitonic energy
  • scalar waves or scalar fields
  • superlight
  • vacuum energy
  • bioenergy
  • mana 
  • odic force, aka od, odes, odems
  • vital energy
  • telluric energy
  • hyperspace energy 

February 2011 Divine Grace Sacred Water and Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber Update

For those of you who may have visited this page or this website looking for Vinny's pages on the Divine Grace Sacred Charger, the Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber, and the Divine Grace Sacred Water, please be advised that, based upon Divine guidance, the ownership and stewardship of the Divine Grace Sacred Charger has been passed on by Vinny to other researchers in the fields of alchemy, mysticism and strange science. The new owners and stewards of the Divine Grace Sacred Charger may choose, at some time in the future, to again make Divine Grace Sacred Water available for sale to qualified mystics, alchemists and strange science researchers. If and when they do, this note will be updated with relevant information.

Some of My Exotic Energy-Related Research Field Trips

A Brief Photo Narrative of My November 2007 Field Trip to UT and CO: Exotic Energy Research and Ormus Ore Research

For a brief photo narrative and commentary on my November 2007 field trip to UT and CO in the Rocky Mountains to conduct exotic energy research, meet with fellow exotic energy researchers, and to conduct research on sources of exotic ormus-rich minerals and ores, you may wish to review the page on this site entitled A Photo Essay and Overview of My November 2007 Field Trip to UT and CO: Researching Aetheric Energy and Exotic Energy Technologies

A Photo Narrative of My June 2007 Research Field Trip to AZ: Ormus-rich Magnetite Ore and Exotic Energy Research
If you wish to see a photo narrative of my June 2007 research field trip to Arizona, please feel free to visit it at my webpage entitled A Tale of a Magnetite Black Sand Harvesting Field Trip in the Southwestern USA in June 2007 on my Ormus Water website.

Some Thoughts From a Mystic and Intuitive on the Perceived Dangers of the CERN LHC

Due to his having received a number of requests asking for his insights as a deep intuitive on the claims that operation of the CERN Linear Hadron Collider (LHC) could lead to the destruction of the earth or of the entire universe, Vinny has written a very short article offering his view as an intuitive on this matter. To see the article, please visit the page, entitled Some Thoughts from a Mystic and Intuitive on the Perceived Dangers of the CERN LHC Collider Project.

An Email List Group of Interest

Here is information on an email list group which I operate and which cover these fields or related fields.

The Forbidden Science (VP) group hosted at Groups.io encompasses and subsumes topics covered by each of the several relevant legacy list groups that I had operated at private Yahoo Groups, including Exotic Energies, Ormus-like, Ormus PWT, Time-Space Doorways, Elixir Vitae, Jenny Cell, Radiation Hormesis/Radiation Nutrition, and Quantum Quiet (space effect devices) legacy list groups.

Forbidden Science (VP)
The term "forbidden science" was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Jaques Vallee, a PhD computer scientist and strange/fringe science researcher, to describe those fields of scientific investigation that the current scientific "establishment" tends to view as quack science, or as fringe science, and as undesirable topics for "serious" scientists to research; those fields include the topic of UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

This list group serves as a continuation of the various legacy forbidden science list groups, listed above, that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the October 2019 downscaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.

The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of forbidden science, aka strange science, aka fringe science, including UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

While the name and description of this list group are publicly listed at Groups.io and on search engines, all posts sent to the list group are private and are viewable by list group members only. This is a moderated list group. Further, all applicants wishing to join the list group must state their reasons for wishing to join along with their name and general location, and all posts sent to the list group must be signed with the poster's first and last name in order to be published. We do not tolerate hate posts, and we do not tolerate trolls, nor troll posts.

How to Join
If you are interested in joining this list group, you may do so by visiting the list group home page and clicking "Join" at:

Or you may send an email to:

Please note that the list group, as is true of all of my email list groups, are restricted-membership list groups, and thus, once you have applied to join, you will then shortly receive an email from the Groups.io mailserver, entitled something along the lines of "Your Pending Membership in….", which will ask you for certain information; you will need to send the requested information (including your first and last name) back to the list group moderators by replying to the message if you wish your application for membership to be approved.


A Few Words About the Author of this Site

This website has been created by Vinny Pinto, a degreed scientist and a mystic; I have been performing research and development in many of the above-listed fields for years, and, in fact, have worked in some of the realms involving exotic energies since the late 1970s. I authored my first published article about exotic energies (the focus of the article was their uses in healing) in 1981. For more information about me, my background, my R&D and consulting services, and for a list of my various informational websites and email list groups, please see my main consulting services website at http://www.vinnypinto.us

Here is a brief guide to the pages on this site:

Please note: This material is offered solely for educational and informational purposes. Any technologies or devices mentioned on this page are experimental prototypes only, produced for the sole purposes of research and Proof of Principle evaluation by professional or individual researchers or experimenters. The reader understands that the author is not engaged in rendering health or medical advice or services.  The site owner and authors provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with licensed primary care medical professionals for any medical assistance they may need.  The author(s) of the material presented on this site are neither medical nor nutritional professionals.

The statements on this site about these technologies have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are ill, please contact a licensed healthcare practitioner.

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